International network

International contacts and collaboration with bigger meditation centres


As a local meditation group based in Koper we share our window to the world of international ZEN centres, with which we collaborate. Everybody is invited to broaden one's horizons !

Benediktushof, near Wuerzburg Germany

Bodhizendo, Tamil Nadu, India

Zendo am Saupurzel, Germany

  is the main centre of Zen Master Willigis Jäger (1925-2020), who studied Zen in the Sanbo Kyodan School in Kamakura/Japan. Benediktushof today is one of the biggest meditation centres in continental Europe, situated in the middle of Germany between Frankfurt and Würzburg, ca. 700 km from Ljubljana. Benediktushof offers a wide range of high level seminars and workshops with world known teachers, mainly in German, but some in English. The  centre is situated in a lovely Frankonian valley landscape. The meditation halls offer brilliant conditions for retreats, the kitchen offers high level pure vegetarian cuisine. Accommodation ranges from dormitory to stylistic single bed facilities with all amenities. 

is a wonderful place in the mountains of South India. It is the place of the Jesuit priest Ama Samy, who is a Zen master and studied Zen at the international Zen School Sanbo Kyodan in Kamakura/Japan. Bodhizendo offers an openminded international english speaking atmosphere with Zen students from all around the world. Bodhizendo is a clean and well regulated place at 1800 metres above sea level, 12 km from Kodaikanal, a place of mountain tourism. Bodhizendo has a meditation hall and extensive library, perfect conditions for study and meditation. 

Bodhizendo is also home of the nonprofit humanitarian organization »Little flower«, which offers medical and educational help for local tribal people and also operates a Montessori school that facilitates more than 100 local children.

Zendo am Saupurzel was established in 2005 by the Zen teacher, philosopher and painter Dr. Jochen Niemuth. It is a friendly small meditation center with place to max. 30 people. Dr. Jochen Niemuth was authorized by Zen Master Willigis Jäger. He is known by his optimistic and positive approach to life. With his teaching he opens up one's heart. In his »Center for meditation and creativity« he offers 2-day retreats every month. If you bring a sleeping bag, you are allowed to sleep in the zendo or in the neighbouring house. Participants enjoy home cooked vegetarian meals.