The teacher

Joachim Gross

I am Dr. Joachim Gross, medical doctor and specialist for occupational medicine. I started to train ZEN meditation in my mid-forties at the meditation center Benediktushof near my hometown Würzburg/Germany under ZEN master Willigis Jäger. I am now a student under the guidance of  ZEN master Ama Samy at the meditation centre Bodhizendo in Kodaikanal in South India. 

When I took my first beginners weekend seminar for ZEN meditation, I had the feeling that I was finally “coming home to myself”. Since then, I regularly attend retreats and teachings. In addition, I completed the training as an MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher in 2008.

Meditation is not difficult, as at times we all contemplate in our own personal way. I am convinced that everybody can learn to meditate and reveal a deeper dimension in ones life.

Joachim teaches in Slovenian, English and German language.