What is ZEN meditation?

A practice beyond ideologies

Zen is an ideological neutral practice of concentration or “meditation”, which comes from Japanese and Chinese ZEN Buddhism. Zen is a method or technique of concentration, at the same time it is a specific way of spiritual realization.

Sitting in open awareness

Sitting meditation, which we call ZAZEN, means to learn to sit with the body in stillness, with straight back, the concentration on the breath, still and stable one-pointed concentration. We can sit on a cushion, a footstool or a chair.

Zen is not commercial

ZEN is practised in a community of practitioners who help together to organise and maintain the ZENDO (meditation hall or room) and the conditions for common meditation and teaching. Everything is founded on volunteering.

Teacher and Sangha

At ZEN there are no gurus. Zen master, Zen teacher and Zen student are all eternal beginner and learners. The community of practitioners is called the SANGHA. »ZEN mind is beginners mind«.